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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Savannah’s Farmer’s Market

Savannah has a farmer’s market!

Who knew?

Well, we knew, but had yet to go check it out.

We fixed that Saturday morning.

Bill and I set out early toward town to go see what there was to see. Mary opted to sleep in.

I’ve been wanting to go to the farmer’s market in Savannah for quite some time, but Saturday rolls around and I don’t remember that I want to go check it out until mid-day and then, well, it’s just not worth the drive if the vendors choice pickings are gone.

We’ve been eating mostly fresh vegetables lately and although the stores have some good choices, I keep comparing them to California vegetables, which, in my humble opinion, are SO much better.

We got down to Savannah and began our search for a parking spot near the park just before nine. The vendors were set up pretty much by then. We found a pretty good spot just about a block from the park and made our way over there.

As is the case in the morning after a couple cups of coffee, I was in need of a lady’s room. There are restrooms at the park. They are located in the center of the park. We are at the south end. It’s a big park. There are, however, two porta-johns in front of us.

Normally, this is a ‘no-way-in-hell’ proposition, but, man, I really don’t want to have an embarrassing episode.

So, I approach the ‘john’ with apprehension, take a deep breath, redirect my mind to another place, like a sandy beach, palm trees swaying in the breeze, and grab the door and pull.

It doesn’t open.

It didn’t occur to me that someone might be in there.

Seconds later, the door flings open and this guy comes out.

Okay. I can do this.

I go in and try and close the door. It won’t latch. I open the door to have Bill stand in front of the thing, because this is humiliating enough without some stranger swinging the door open.

The smell is, well, there are no words.

And the thing is not level. Any movement sends the thing rocking like an amusement ride at a poorly set up carnival.

I am not amused.

My bladder, however, is insistent.











I should have listened to the ‘No-way-in-hell’ recommendation from my brain in the first place.

I exited without any more thought and proceeded to douse my hands with sanitizer from my purse.

I did my best to NOT think about that any more and headed over to the market.

getting busyPeople

It didn’t take long before customers started pouring in to see what was fresh today.

It’s not really big. I don’t know if there will be more vendors as the summer progresses, but there was enough there for us to find some really good vegies to take home.

There were several vendors with really beautiful vegetablesTomatoes and peppersTiny Potatoes

I’d never seen brussel sprouts like this before!

Brussel Sprouts

Little Brussel Sprouts

It’s amazing how much I don’t know about how things grow.

We came away from our shopping trip with fresh corn on the cob, sweet potatoes, peppers, snap beans, those awesome little potatoes, some little Vidalia onions and some blueberry preserves. Quite a little haul. We’ll be eating good this week!

We headed back to the car and just had to stop and see this girl.


The dairy commission was there promoting ‘milk month’ or something of that nature and had Budder there to demonstrate milking. We didn’t stay for that, but I snapped a few pictures.

I don’t know how pleased she was to be on exhibition, but I think she was ready to get milked! Poor girl.


Pretty cow

We chatted with the lady there and then headed to the car.

south east

Here are a few shots I took on the way back to the car. Whenever we’re downtown I try and get a few pictures of things that catch my eye. There are so many awesome houses down there, I can always find something new.

Pink and purple house

This lovely lady is on the corner of Park and Drayton. There was some work going on in parts of the house. It needs a lot of work and a new paint job, but it’s lovely old house. We always dream of buying an historical house and returning it to it’s original state. Most of the big homes have been reconfigured into apartments.


Old Telfair Hospital

This used to be part of the Telfair Hospital that is no longer in existence.


on Park near Forsyth

There’s the car. Camera put away and we are off.

Down to Target.

Where they have a bathroom.

That doesn’t move.