Monday, January 19, 2015

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Off to Oatland Island!

 We've been to Oatland Island a few times before, but we hadn't taken our favorite little neighbors with us until Saturday.

 It's been raining and cold, then cold and rainy for most of the new year, I was really happy to see it was going to be fairly warm and sunny this last Saturday. It was also our weekend to have the cute little critters!

 We spent a lot of time in the visitor center. Mary had her new camera, I had mine and we brought along another one for Jayden to try his hand at. He's such a smart kid we always try and think of a little something different for him to focus on when we go out together.

There were turtles and snakes and an opossum to look at inside. Kenzee flitted from one to another, Mary practiced her closeups and I just tried to get any kind of picture.

 We let Jayden have at it and do his thing with the camera with a few helpful hints every now and then.

 We eventually headed out to the trail that leads around the park and to all the different animals there were to see.

 We came upon the cougar first. They've redone the viewing area since we'd been there last and it's awesome now! I managed to get a couple good pictures. Mary hung out longer than I did and got some spectacular ones, but I haven't gotten a chance to steal those from her yet.

It was fun walking the trails with the kids, watching them when they came across something they thought was cool. Jayden's photographer eye opened up wide and fast along the way, finding some really good things to take pictures of.
 I think he's focusing on the alligator here.

While Mary and Jayden were still visiting with the cougar, Kenzee and I walked the marsh boardwalk in hopes of seeing some wildlife there. We didn't, though. The walk is nice, but I was a bit nervous walking along with a bouncy 5 year old on a wooden sidewalk over the marsh without hand rails. She was really good though. I asked her to walk in the middle ahead of me and she did just that.

Half way through we came upon the farm animals and stayed to visit them for quite some time.

This guy was not too thrilled with any one coming into the area. He squawked and squawked his disagreement to the situation, but that just made everyone want to go over and talk to him.
This little girl was fast asleep the whole time we were there, snoring away without a care in the world.

We spent some time visiting the cow and the donkey, but they were busy eating and didn't grace us with any good poses. Mary might have some. I'm trying to talk her into starting a photography blog so we can see her pictures without me having to steal them.

We saw the bobcats. They were very friendly, even if they were behind the wire. The red fox was no where to be found, but we did see some deer off in the distance after pictures were taken of the pond.

We were headed to the wolf containment. Mary and I were looking forward to seeing them again. It happened to be nap time, though, so we didn't get any pictures of them running around like we did last time. I'm sure Mary and I will be going back again for another picture expedition.

I think they had a good time. We tired them out pretty well. I know I was. But it was lunch time and we were hungry, so there was no going home yet!

I headed to Tybee Island to Spanky's. After all, we were half way there anyway, right? We had a good lunch and then mourned the fact that it was way too windy and way too chilly to go play on the beach.

I had a really good time with the kids. I'm so glad we get to spend time with them as often as we do!