Friday, April 18, 2014

I Think I prefer Apples

The UPS man brought an awesome box today. I waited and waited to hear the squeaky brakes of the big brown truck before the dogs. They seem to know when he’s a block away, but today the rain was messing that up.

I won’t really go into the money I’ve dumped into getting virus’ off of our computers. All. The. Money.

And it has not worked yet.

I paid Best Buy a bunch of money to get our three computers taken care of. Monday I will see if my laptop is feeling any better.

But today, the nice UPS man brought me a new Apple! The iMac Air. 

So far it’s pretty fun. It hooked up to the internet easily. Got it up and running with no fits of major frustration.

So now I’m an Apple x 3 person. I have my iPhone, a 4, works great, it was free! I got a mini iPad a while back and now I have this. 

It’s awesome.

I thought I was going to have a problem with the keyboard being smaller than my other laptop, but I’m pretty used to it already. 

{big smiles!}

I really hate being so tied to technology, but I just love it. When it works, it works great. And my PC’s have not worked great for quite some time.

I’ll keep you updated.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Annie Get Your Gumball

This year is certainly flying by way too fast!


I have been promising some pictures of one of Ahni & Zoe’s Fast2Fab albums and I have finally got one for you!


It wasn’t that is was hard. It was easy! And I think it has turned out wonderfully!

Now my photography isn’t too great. It’s something I need to work on.

I chose the Annie Get Your Gumball album because the colors are bright and colorful and lends just enough ‘happy’ to any theme you may be working on.

Annie Get Your Gumball Demo Album - Page 001

Here is what the album pages look like before you add your photos.

Artwork - Annie Get Your Gumball

I know that is hard to see. I forgot to take pictures of the album before I put the pictures in. Sorry.

Annie Get Your Gumball Demo Album - Page 002

I LOVE Blue Springs State Park in Orange City, Florida! My sweet friends, Rob and Melissa, live near there and when she told me about the park I knew I had to go! I’d never seen a manatee, let alone a whole herd of them! (Herd? Whatever.)

Of course, the first page of the album showcases a post card from the park and a picture of Rob and Melissa. I added the city name with stickers. All the other embellishments are printed right on the page!

Annie Get Your Gumball Demo Album - Page 003

Annie Get Your Gumball Demo Album - Page 004


On this page I had a picture that I wanted to include, but the pre-printed page had only two photo spots. I trimmed the extra photo and rounded the corners and I think it fits nicely on the page!

On the right side there was a perfect spot to put the pamphlet from the State Park. I adhered it on the back but you can still open it up and read all about the park.

Annie Get Your Gumball Demo Album - Page 005

Annie Get Your Gumball Demo Album - Page 006

Please forgive the horrible spelling errors on the pictures! (I think I need to employ my daughter as a proof-reader.)

Annie Get Your Gumball Demo Album - Page 007

Annie Get Your Gumball Demo Album - Page 008

I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of Ahni & Zoe’s Fast2Fab albums! Take a look at my website to see all the new things just released!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Brains? Anyone??

I am posting from my iPad because we have no internet at the moment. 

The iPad is like my iPhone without the ability to make a call. 

Useful right now.

Except I have to use the 'hunt & peck method of typing of which I am not good at.

We kicked Comcast to the curb last week because I'd just had enough of the ridiculous company all the way around. 

The only other company I know of around these parts for internet service is AT&T. 

I was hoping to find some intelligence there. 

Not having any luck.

When did people stop wanting to do their best at the job that they get paid for?

Is the term 'work ethic' not in use any more? 

So frustrating. 

So please pardon my spelling errors if you find any. 

The phone and internet is supposed to be installed Tuesday. 

April 1st.

April Fool's Day.